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Morristown Area American Little League (MAALL)

MAALL offers Little League baseball to boys & girls between the ages of 6-13 who live in the Morristown & Morris Township area, who reside east of Route 202/Speedwell Avenue. 

MAALL strives to be an outstanding educational-athletic organization that provides a high-quality experience for its players, coaches and parents, where every athlete:
  • Enjoys playing the game of baseball
  • Acquires the skills, knowledge and strategies required to effectively participate and to continuously improve as a player
  • Learns the importance of discipline, teamwork, commitment and sportsmanship - qualities that have value well beyond the playing field

MAALL recognizes that coaches are key to our success so we provide the necessary information, tools, training and resources to effectively coach and teach the game at each level of play.  We are committed to making the game an exciting, positive, fun and safe experience for all involved.

If you reside west of Route 202/Speedwell Avenue, or if you are interested in playing Softball, please visit the Morristown National Little League website at







Pitch Perfect: Little Leaguer Makes Morristown Championship History

John Meehan capped off a wild ride with the perfect ending.

It was a perfect ending to an amazing MAALL season.

John Meehan, of Morris Township, made baseball history back in June while competing in the biggest game of his young life.

Editor’s note: While this event happened four months ago, warm weather news is always welcomed when the temperatures drop.

It was June 14 and the young men of Longo Electric were taking the diamond at Ginty Field against the favored and top-seeded Agway in the Morristown American Little League’s Majors Championship game.

Meehan took to the mound hoping he could help his team stay in the game and give them a shot to win in upset fashion. What he did was perform to perfection.

In just 65 minutes and with only 59 pitches, Meehan retired all 18 batters in his six innings of work, tossing the first perfect game in championship history since the league’s inception in 1953.

Meehan’s teammate, Brendan Tierney, bunted for a single in the top of the sixth inning to get on base. Tierney worked his way around the bases until Shane O’Neill’s RBI groundout brought him home, breaking the scoreless tie.

Thanks to the lone run, Meehan got out of the game in perfect fashion not only with a championship trophy, but a piece of history to claim as his own.

by posted 10/29/2014
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